Private Sessions

Private sessions are the most effective way to maximize your mental performance.  With a non-pharmaceutical approach to increase your neural pathways through science-based mind and body practices.  Practical information guidelines help create a personalized wellness plan with results that last for a lifetime.

  • Students:  Brain Hacks and Study Cheats.  Students learn the strengths of their thinking, techniques for focus, and stress reducing habits. Clearer thinking=easier learning
  • Professionals/Mid Life:  Take preventative measures before decline hit.  Learn memory techniques, best health habits to keep your mind, body and gut strong.
  • Elders:  Learn memory focus, word-fining, and memory techniques to help lower your stress around forgetfulness
  • Neurological disorders: Early-dementia, Autism, Multiple sclerosis.  Learn techniques to help your brain remain steady.

Sessions are conducted at the Fiddlehead Marina Office.  Travel to client available for additional fee.

Classes/Corporate Trainings/Workshops

Classes can be an affordable alternative to the private session and offer a variety of everyday strategies and practical tips.  See events page for a upcoming classes. Classes are offered at schools, private groups, churches, senior and recreation centers.

Mind Tools for Management: Corporate training is a popular preventative solution to help keep employees at their healthiest and most productive. Sessions often include the request of remembering names, increasing focus and “multi-tasking”. Benefits may include stress relief, stronger focus, and better time management

Cognitive Coaching for Athletes

Public Speaking

  • Popular topics have included:
  • My Child is Not Focused and Neither Am I
  • Clear the fog from Chemo Brain
  • Connecting the Generations
  • How to Remember a Name
  • Brain Health and Fall Prevention
  • Hot Mama Brain
  • The Mind/Body Connection

STEP is an international movement inspiring people to bridge the generations through empowering conversations.

  • To find out more about our non-profit events for STEP, STEP UP, STEP TWO please visit

STEP  – Sharing Teens and Elders Project

STEP is an award-winning multi-generational program where teens and elders meet monthly to bridge the generations through inspired conversation to change the social norm of aging.  STEP meets third Saturdays at the Olympia Senior Center.  Doors open at 10:30, Talk Story begins at 11:00.  Free and everyone welcome.

STEP UP  – International Sharing Teens and Elders Project

Founded in Victoria BC, STEP UP encourages youth 18-30 to learn and share with elders of the community.

STEP TWO – The Women Only

STEP TWO – The Women Only is an intergenerational happy hour where women meet for facilitated conversations about the topics that affect them most…and have fun doing it!  STEP TWO meets first Sundays in the lobby bar of the Mercato Restaurant at 111 Market Street at 3:30.  You buy your drinks. Free – donations gratefully accepted.

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