Private Sessions

Private sessions are the most effective way to maximize your mental performance.  Experience a complete holistic approach to increase your neaural pathways through science-based mind and body practices.  Practical information guidelines help create a personalized wellness plan

  • Start Now: one time visit/evaluations
  • Clear The Fog: 6 hour sets
  • Change Your Brain: 32 hour complete program

Sessions are conducted at the Fiddlehead Marina Office.  Travel to client available for additional fee.


Classes can be an affordable alternative to the private session and offer a variety of everyday strategies and practical tips.  See events page for a upcoming classes.

Corporate Training/Workshops

Corporate training is a popular preventative solution to help keep employees at their healthiest and most productive.

Workshops are a way for people to learn about their brains and the steps they can take for their clearest thinking for your classroom, private group, or team.

STEP Sharing Teens and Elders Project

STEP is an award-winning intergenerational program where teens and elders meet monthly to bridge the generations through brain games and inspired conversation

See Facebook: STEP

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